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Saturday 7 September 2002

Pictures from Monolithos Winery, near Packna, run by Miriam & Pambos -

Donkey transport.jpg (101270 bytes)
Donkey transport.

200209b.jpg (170561 bytes)
Work under way

200209c.jpg (98063 bytes)
Grapes ready for crushing

200209d.jpg (77497 bytes)
The helpers get busy

200209e.jpg (117063 bytes)
Making compost from the waste

200209f.jpg (112497 bytes)
Miriam, one of the owners of the winery

200209g.jpg (71062 bytes)
Pambos looks into his vat

200209h.jpg (42660 bytes)

A few other recent photos...

200209j.jpg (71664 bytes)
Germasogeia Reservoir

200209k.jpg (101629 bytes)
Lunch at the Melandra Beach taverna

200209l.jpg (41742 bytes)
Pomos Harbour

200209i.jpg (62674 bytes)
From Pomos looking towards the Turkish occupied enclave

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