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Tuesday 27 November 2001

A visit to Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery and Panayia, birthplace of Makarios III.

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An impressive pine tree, with mathematically-minded carers.

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Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery. The monastery, about 40km north-east of Paphos, was founded in the 12th century, and is dedicated to ‘Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate’.

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The building dates back to 1770 and has a collection of important icons and treasures. The monastery makes its own range of wines using local grapes.

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Statue of Archbishop Makarios III in Panayia, the village where he was born. Makarios was Orthodox archbishop of Cyprus and the first President of Cyprus.

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Makarios, the son of a shepherd, was born 13 August 1913 somewhere behind this wall. Thrice elected president, he survived four assassination attempts, temporary deposition by a coup in 1974, and Turkish invasion. He died in Nicosia, on 3August 1977.

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